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Помогите с квестом за Альмалексию.

ВоЛчЕк _1   7 февраля 2004 в 01:18

Где найти двемерский регулятор погоды - Погодную ведьму. Я всё подземелье облазил. Нашел проход ч следующую локацию, но он завален гульниками, как туда прорваться? Потом дверка там с замочком 100го уровня, ключ есть? И если нет, до какого уровня мне безопасность качать чтобы его ломануть?

Fobos   7 февраля 2004 в 01:38

Where To Find The Skybreak Gallery And Some Dwemer Satchel Packs

When you return to Almalexia after the End of Times quest, she will give you a
powered dwemer coherer which will activate a machine that will cause ashstorms
in Mournhold.

Go back to the ruined statue in the plaza and climb down the ladder. You will
now begin your exploration of Bamz-Amschend ruins. Walk through the tunnel and
jump down to the floor of Heartfire Hall. Turn right and open the door to Hall
of Winds. Go to the first room on the right. Get one Dwemer Satchel Pack from
a locked and trapped Ornate Dwemer Chest (on the floor, under a shelf).

Go back out and walk straight to a door that will open to the Passage of Whis-
per. Walk down the passage straight to a Heavy Dwemer Door. Open it and walk
to a Heavy Door to Radac's Forge. Explore it to find a Heavy Dwemer Door that
has a 100-lock level and is trapped. The first Ornate Dwemer Chest on the
right inside the room contains two Dwemer Satchel Packs.

Go out the door and explore further until you reach a pile of rock named, for
lack of imagination, Collapsed Rocks. Click on it and place satchel charge,
and run backward. Go back to the pile and crawl thrugh the Dark hole to Pas-
sage of the Walker. Explore until you come to the Heavy Dwemer Door to King's
Walk. Open it and walk straight to another Heavy Dwemer Door. Open it and
walk down to a flooded floor to another Heavy Dwemer Door. Open it and walk
through the flooded room to a Heavy Dwemer Door To Skybreak Gallery.

How To Activate Karstangz-Beharn (To Cause Ashstorms In Mournhold)

When Almalexia sends you on this mission, do not forget to get the Powered
Dwemer Coherer by asking her on the topic "Ashstorms in Mourhold."

Open the door and enter Skybreak Gallery. In the middle is the machine called
Karstangz-Beharn. Go near it and look for the Dwemer Junction Box. Click on
it and place the Powered Dwemer Coherer in the box and click yes. Your journal
is updated.

Go the three levers in front of the junction box. The left lever will move the
pictures in front of you to the right. The center lever will move them to the
left. The right lever will halt the movement. Pull the left lever and when
you see a picture of a volcano spewing ashes, pull the right lever. Your jour-
nal will be updated. Return to Almalexia for the next quest.

Note: Do not loss the two satchel packs. You will still need one.

А чтобы открывать замки 100 создай заклинание на окрытие min100-max100, дистанция 1, касание.

ВоЛчЕк _1   7 февраля 2004 в 10:08

Смысла нет закл делать, мой нордлинг уже замки 90-го уровня на раз ломает.

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